Trans Cuba Sportive February 28th. / 2019

  • Destination: ,
  • Duration: 17 days
  • Arrives: 02/28/2019
  • Departs: 03/17/2019
  • Price: $2,930

Trans Cuba 2019 will be the 7th edition of this epic ride across Cuba from end to end. This is listed as a “Sportif’ and only road bikes will be permitted. You need to study the itinerary carefully, there are some long rides involved and a good level of experience is required. This is not a race.

Day 1

Thursday, February 28th. 2019

If you bring your own bike you need to be in Havana on or before this date, your bike departs Friday morning. This is an extra day and we will find you a casa here in Havana

Day 2

Friday, March 1st.

Bikes depart “Cafe Rueda” at 8am in the crew bus to Baracoa

If you are renting a bike, check into B&B in Vedado, near “Cafe Rueda”.

In the evening, the Cannon ceromony at the San Carlos Fort.

Day 3

Saturday, March 2nd.

Staying at B&B in Vedado, city tour in the morning, in Old Havana

Day 4

Sunday, March 3rd.

Depart via air to Baracoa, in eastern Cuba

Day 5

Monday, March 4th.

Stage # 1 – 153.6k

Day 6

Tuesday, March 5th.

Stage #2 – 196.4k

Day 7

Wednesday, March 6th.

Stage #3 – 82.4k

Day 8

Thursday, March 7th.

Stage #4 – 123.8k

Day 9

Friday, March 8th

Stage #5 – 115.5k

Day 10

Saturday, March 9th

Stage #6 – 85.2k

Day 11

Sunday, March 10th

Stage #7 – 78.8k

Day 12

Monday, March 11th

Stage #8 – 75k

Day 13

Tuesday, March 12th

Stage #9 – 127.3k


Day 14

Wednesday, March 13th


Stage #10 – 187.6k

Day 15

Thursday, March 14th 

Stage #11 – 152k

Day 16

Friday, March 15th

Stage #12 – 191.8K

Day 17

Saturday, March 16th

Bus back to Havana hotel

You may be staying on in Havana, in which case we can find you a casa or hotel. You may be  flying out of Havana or Varadero and need to book transport to either.

Tour Leader: Tony Fiorini

Tony Fiorini’s biking bio:

At an early age, Fiorini was always moving, beginning with a habit of  running to his Little League baseball practices over a mile each way, while his older brother, Nick, rode the only family bike  He would eventually get his own bike and began to explore the local rural areas of his farmland town of Rock Falls, IL.   Later, he would have some level of success as a High School distance track runner, but it was not long before Fiorini would eventually get the competitive itch to race road bikes.  Within 2-years’ time, after graduating from college, married and with one child, he was racing at an elite level and qualifying for Multi-National Championships during the era of the 7-11 and Motorola trade teams.  During his elite period, the semi-pro team of Pepsi provided a springboard for him and his teammates to travel the USA and race.  Later there were forays into track, cyclocross and mountain biking.  After 25 plus years, Fiorini decided to leave the competitive world behind and turned a little more to marathon riding just for the heck of it.  In 2017, at the age of 64, Fiorini was part of a small group of Americans to do the first legal Trans-Cuba ride with Peter Marshall’s CanBiCuba tour company since the US embargo.  This was the “Ciclo Temba” version where he gained valuable knowledge of the Cuban people, its culture, geography and roads.  In 2018 he is leading the “Sportif” edition and is asking some of the hard women and men of the road to join him on his second bike trek across Cuba.

 You can reach Tony, by email: [email protected]


With the exception of any casas you may wish to book prior or after the ride, all route hotels are three star and all breakfasts and dinners are included.


Havana/Baracoa/Guantánamo/Bayamo/Las Tunas/Camaguey/Ciego De Avila/Sancti Spíritus/Trinidad/Cienfuegos/ Playa Larga/Pinar Del Rio

Support Bus

support bus

Your bus is your sanctuary. Ride any distance you wish. People hop on and off the bus as they see fit. There is a good supply of ride water on the bus and you can top up your bottles along the way


The land cost is $2930 for double occupancy on this tour. This includes both breakfast and dinner every day of the tour.
The land cost is  for a single occupancy. Should you register looking to share with a another and we are not able to find an acceptable companion, you will need to pay the Single Supplement charge of $400.


Travel Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended, you can never predict the bad stuff in life. This is often covered by the high-end credit cards, but please check with your specific provider.

Health Insurance

Cuban health insurance is not mandatory on our rides. Your travel provider in your country of origin can best advise you in this regard. Cuba does sell health insurance and it is not expensive at approximately US$3;50 per day for US citizens. If you have questions, please contact us.

Customize This Tour

At CANBICUBA we offer the ability to customize your tour to suit your groups needs. With a group of 10 or more riders we can organize this tour for a date of your choice. Trans Cuba is especially complicated but we have in the past set this up with shorter rides per day, thus allowing more down time and a visit to Santiago

Hydration and nutrition on our “Sportif “ rides

For the record setting ride across Cuba in the winter of 2011, we consulted with Dr Lowell Greib – a sport nutrition expert and endurance cyclist who has a special interest in long distance sporting events.

Dr Greib and his staff at The SportLab took our project under their wings and gave us great support. They analyzed our rider’s physical attributes, took into consideration the climate and calculated the physical demands he would face over the course of the ride. Dr Greib developed a unique nutrition (fuelling) program for our rider, which I believe, without which he would never have been able to start and maintain such a pace.

The Trans Cuba Sportif is not a record setting attempt, but rather a ride across Cuba E2E (End to End) in 12 stages. Some days are relatively short (75-85kms) but as you can see in the itinerary; there are a few long days in the saddle (187-196kms).

Prior to coming to Cuba, the need for getting many long rides in your legs is far less important than establishing and implementing a proper fuelling and hydration regime. The weeks of training leading up to the Tour is the time to fuel and hydrate your body in preparation for this trip. When you arrive in Cuba, you will have your fuelling plan well in hand as you put plenty of those early season kilometres in your legs – which is one of the main purposes for the timing of this ride.

After holding 6 editions of the Trans Cuba Sportif, we know what it required for our participants to get the most enjoyment out of this epic ride. While a consultation with Dr Lowell Greib is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

Contact [email protected]