Guantanamo Mango- January 2018

In our quest to find new rides, we have this new two week expedition, in the far east of our beautiful island.
Starting in the city of Holguin and heading east to Cuba’s first village “Baracoa”, where Columbus first laid eyes on Cuba. We have in the past just used Baracoa as a staring point for CicloTemba & Trans Cuba rides but this time we linger at a wonderful beach, take in the city and also a river boat up the Rio Yumuri to a riverside restaurant for lunch.
Beyond Baracoa we enter the city of Guantanamo and even spend one night down in the bay with the American base in full view.
On to Santiago for another lingering 3 day stay to better absorb this historic city and it’s surroundings
From the city we head into the back of beyond and visit Biran, the homestead of the Castro Family and Fidel’s birthplace, this is no simple house and really worth the ride down an 8k back road. We will spend the next 2 nights up in the mountains of the Mayari forest at hotel so far from civilization, you will love it. Here we spend the second day riding to and from Cuba’s highest waterfall.
From the high mountain retreat we head to Guardalavaca for two days of beach before heading home

Day 1 – Arrival

Saturday, January 20th. 2018,  Arrive in Holguin. Pick up at the airport by bus to Mayabe Mountain Hotel, spend the afternoon relaxing and building bikes for the start of your trip

Day 2

Sunday, January 21st.. Ride 50k  on an easy terrain. Arriving at Cayo Saetia game reserve.


Day 3

Monday, January 22nd. , Ride from Moa to a small quiet beach 20k from Baracoa. Overnight in VILLA MAGUANA

The ride is only 47k but it is not a good road


Day 4

Tuesday, January 23rd. Journey to hotel Rio Miel on a 30k stony road.

Day 5

Wednesday, January 24th. A 27k ride to a scenic boat ride, along the Yumuri River. Lunch on the river bank. Return to Hotel Miel on the Malecon in Baracoa


Day 6

Thursday, January 25th. 85k Great coastal ride with beach stop for lunch. Overnight in Hotel Guantanamo


Day 7

Fridayday, January 26th. Ride 25k to Guantanamo Bay. The route is on a flat easy road along one of the best roads in Cuba. Stay in Hotel Caimanera.

Day 8

Saturday January 27th. Ride to Santiago de Cuba with your personal choice of 95k. This is a very easy ride. If a little too far for you just hop in the bus. Hotel Las Americas

Day 9

Sunday January 28th. Enjoy a relaxing day by touring Santiago de Cuba by bus. Hotel Las Americas

Day 10

Monday, January 29th. Ride up La Gran Piedra, then on to Playa Siboney; the total ride of the day is 60k. Hotel Las Americas

Day 11

Tuesday, January 30th. On this 82k journey, we visit the birthplace of Fidel Castro in the village of Biran.  It is an option to cut the first 30k and start in Palma Soriano. Spend the night in a mountain hideaway,  Stay overnight at Villa Pinares De Mayari.


Day 12

Wednesday, January 31st.

Enjoy lunch at the highest waterfall in Cuba, Salto Del Guayabo. The total journey is 30k on a good quality dirt road 🙂  Stay overnight at Villa Pinares De Mayari.


Day 13

Thursday, February 1st. Ride to Banes with an optional extra 35k on to Guardalavaca The last part is hilly.

Morning route to Banes

Optional extra afternoon ride

Day 14

Friday, February 2nd. 22k ride to a small village outside of Guardalavaca. Visit playa Blanco


Day 15

Saturday, February 3rd. Fly out of Holguin. Fly home

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Tour Leader – Steve Sullivan

Steve is an Ottawa, Ontario native who is an avid road cyclist, well-experienced in riding in many parts of Cuba, in groups and solo. He has ridden CanBiCuba’s “Trans Cuba” tour twice, leading a group on the 2015 edition.”Steve in yellow along wth Peter Marshall, in green, Pictured at the Hemingway  mansion in Havana.


Holguin / Baracoa / Guantanamo / Santiago De Cuba / Guardalavaca


All hotels are 3 stars and include breakfast and dinner each day. Good packed lunches are difficult to guarantee and we find it much better to utilise roadside cafes and because these vary so much we do not include.

The use of energy bars and power drinks is common on our rides. However, these commodities are not readily available in the shops of Cuba and rider bring from home

Support Bus

support bus support busYour bus is your sanctuary. Ride any distance you wish. People hop on and off the bus as they see fit. There is a good supply of ride water on the bus and you can top up your bottles along the way





The land cost is US$1900 for double occupancy on this tour.
The land cost is US$2200  for a single occupancy. Should you register looking to share with an another and we are not able to find an acceptable companion, you will need to pay the Single Supplement charge.


Travel Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. This is often covered by the high-end credit cards, but please check with your specific provider.

Health Insurance

Cuban health insurance is not mandatory on our rides. Your travel provider in your country of origin can best advise you in this regard. Cuba does sell health insurance and it is not expensive at approximately US$3;50 per day for US citizens. If you have questions, please contact us.

Customize This Tour

With a group or 10 or more riders, CanBiCuba can offer the ability to customise a tour to suit your needs.  Contact us to start planning your next great adventure.