Celia Sanchez Dec. 1st./15th. 2018

  • Duration: 15 days
  • Arrives: 12/01/2018
  • Departs: 12/15/2018
  • Price: $2,950

  Celia Sanchez was the heroine of the revolution. She was a girl from the Sierra Maestra and knew the area well and was acquainted with the mountain people because she assisted her father, in his medical practice, serving the poor people who lived up in those high mountains. Not only did the locals know […]


Celia Sanchez was the heroine of the revolution. She was a girl from the Sierra Maestra and knew the area well and was acquainted with the mountain people because she assisted her father, in his medical practice, serving the poor people who lived up in those high mountains. Not only did the locals know Celia well, they loved her for her her kind work helping the people as she worked with her father, who had his practise in the small town of Pilon at the Western end of these famous mountains.

A great ride, through some of the most beautiful and historic areas of Cuba. That part of Cuba where revolutions are born. See Santiago and ride the coast road right where the Sierra Maestra falls to the sea. The breathtaking vistas will stay with you forever. Walk to La Plata, Fidel’s hideaway camp, high up in the mountains and see the landing spot of the Granma, you will be amazed that those young men made ashore to carry on and rid Cuba of Batista.

In the city of Las Tunas we will be hosted by a youth cycling team to whom we send bicycles and equipment that have been brought to Cuba from Canada the UK and the USA. Our involvement with this club has produced a good number of both regional and national champions. These achievements would never be possible without your help. Tunas is an out of the way place and not regarded as a tourist destination and your support for this group keeps cycling in their high school gym program alive and well.

A visit to Eastern Cuba without a certain level of historical information is rather sad, you are passing so much while on this tour, Comprehension of the area is paramount and I strongly suggest that you read this book:

Nancy Stout, One Day in December: Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution

  • Usual daily distances: 8Ok
  • Days of cycling: 10
  • Terrain:  mostly rolling or flat roads, hard hills into El Salton
  • Support vehicle:100%
  • Tour staff: guide/ leader/ mechanic/ driver(s)

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Day 1 – Arrival

December 1st. Group arrive in Holguin airport, tour bus bring them to Mirador de Mayabe Hotel, assemble the bicycles.

  • Accommodation:  Hotel
  • Meals Included: Dinner

Day 2

December 2nd. After breakfast descent the hills, see map, to exit Holguin. Cycle to Bayamo, 77 K. Lunch on the way, in Cauto Cristo, at a cafeteria. Advise to bring energy bars.

  • Cycling: 77 km
  • Accommodation: hotel
  • Meals Included: breakfast, dinner

Day 3

December 3rd. Ride to El Salton, 88 K, hilly the last 29 K.   Lunch in  Contramaestre , in a cafeteria. Do not depart before 10 am, because the cafeteria opens 12 pm.

  • Cycling: 88 km
  • Accommodation: hotel
  • Meals Included: breakfast,dinner

Day 4

December 4th No cycling. Mountain hike today.

  • Mountain Hike
  • Accommodation: hotel
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5

December 5th After breakfast, bus to Contramaestre. Ride to Palma Soriano, 34 K, lunch in a Pizza Paladar.  Ride to El Cobre, 28K, hilly. After visit the church, bus to hotel.

  • Cycling: 62k hilly for the last 26k
  • Accommodation: hotel
  • Meals Included: breafast, dinner

Day 6

December 6th Visit Santa Ifigenia cemetery by bus, then go to lunch at a Paladar in the city. After lunch, city walk.

  • Cycling: Walking tour
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Meals Included: breafast, lunch, dinner

Day 7

December 7th Bus to the Revolution square. Ride to Los Galeones, 75 K, coast line ride. Bring energy bars for lunch on the way

  • Cycling: 75k rolling hills
  • Accommodation: All inclusive hotel
  • Meals Included: All inclusive hotel

Day 8

December 8th Ride from Los Galeones to Marea del Portillo, coastal ride, rolling hills, 100 K. Support by SUV. Bring energy bars for lunch on the way.

  • Cycling: 100k difficult ride, supported by jeeps. This is the beautiful south road along the coast, well worth the effort
  • Accommodation: All inclusive hotel
  • Meals Included:All inclusive hotel bring energy bars for lunch, roadside options are poor.

Day 9

December 9th Ride to Hotel Niquero, 42 K. Then ride to Las Coloradas, 13 K, having the guiding tour there.  Lunch in a Paladar in Las Coloradas, after the visit. Ride or bus back to hotel.

  • Cycling: 42 km
  • Accommodation: Hotel Niquero
  • Meals Included:breafast, dinner

Day 10

December 10th Bus to Balcon de la Sierra, transfer by jeeps to Santo Domingo Hotel for lunch. After lunch, walk to La Plata.


  • Cycling: bus transfer to Bartolome Maso
  • Accommodation:
  • Meals Included:

Day 11

December 11th Ride to Manzanillo, 49 K, fast road, usually strong tail wind.

  • Cycling: 49 km
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Meals Included: breakfast, dinner

Day 12

December 12th Ride from Manzanillo hotel to Las Tunas, 92 K, flat ride. Meet the children from the EIDE in Vado del Yeso (35 K from las Tunas), and ride with them to the hotel. Free time in the city center, outside from Cadillac Hotel. BBQ party at coacher house for dinner.

  • Cycling: 92 km
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Meals Included: Breakfast diner (BBQ)

Day 13

December 13th Bus to Holguin, and ride to Guardalavaca, 60 K, rolling hills.

  • Cycling: 60 km
  • Accommodation: All inclusive hotel
  • Meals Included:  All inclusive hotel

Day 14

December 14th Ride to Gibara, 65 K, see the monument where Columbus first step on the Cuba. Lunch on the way, in the small town, or back by bus to the hotel, and lunch there.

  • Cycling: 65 km easy ride
  • Accommodation: All inclusive hotel
  • Meals Included: All inclusive hotel

Day 15

December 15th Fly home day, we will deliver you to the departure gate at the airport. We have done our very best to show you our beautiful land and the historic lands from where the revolution emerged after the landing of the Granma at “Las Coloradas,” on Dec.2nd 1956.

Tour Leader

CRAIG PERRY is a certified tour director with cycling experience in
both the east and west of Cuba. This past winter he and his frequent
cycling partner  Alan rode unsupported from Holguin to Santiago via
the southern coast road, the same route which we will cover in our

His past bike adventures have traversed Western Europe, Central
America, Southeast Asia, and thousands of miles in nearly every region
of his native USA. This summer he is planning a trip through

During his career as a film/tv producer, Craig created an
award-winning PBS series about transportation which pointed to the
growth of bicycling as a significant means of transport.  In
retirement his work with the Asian Injury Prevention Foundation helped
promote road safety in Vietnam and Cambodia, where bike and motorcycle
injuries are sadly epidemic.

He is hugely enthusiastic at the prospect of introducing Cuba to fellow bikers.


Accommodation & Food

We use a combination of 3-star hotels with en-suite rooms and casas. All places provide good food. We visit many local cafes, restaurants and bars so you get a full flavour of local culture and cuisine. All breakfasts and dinners are included .For meals not included (lunches), there are many places to eat with prices ranging from $3 to $6 for an on the way lunch in a roadside café. All ride drinking water is supplied from the support bus. We advise that if you normally use ride gels and energy bars or electrolyte powder, you will need to bring from home because these items are not commonly for sale in Cuba


    US$3170 Should you register looking to share with another and we are not able to find an acceptable companion, you will need to pay the Single Supplement charge.

    Cycle Rental

    CanBiCuba has bike rentals at great prices. For this tour, you will need an either a hybrid (my choice) a sport touring or a road bike. All will work. Should you prefer to bring your own that is fine with us, you will get the same mechanical assistance as the renters.

    Check you travel company for costs of shipping your bike. Depending on your country of embarkation you may be better to rent.

    Renting has other positive aspects. Your bike will not get lost in transit. It is far easier to travel without a bike box and spare bikes are on the bus for renters. The negative side is that this is not your favourite ride.

    Will My Mobile Phone Work In Cuba?

    This is not a simple yes or no answer. This all depends on your provider.  Some U.S. and Canadian carriers have or are beginning to make agreements with ETECSA (the Cuban national telecommunications company) to provide roaming services in Cuba.  Sprint and Verizon, for example, currently offer roaming services in Cuba.  If your carrier offers a roaming plan and your mobile phone is capable of roaming in Cuba, you should ask your carrier about any additional charges for voice calls, data, and outgoing text messages that you may incur during your trip.  The telecommunications market in Cuba is changing rapidly, so before you travel, be sure to check with your wireless provider for the latest developments.

    Another way you can use your U.S. mobile phone in Cuba is to rent a SIM card.  If you have an unlocked GSM-capable mobile phone, you can rent a SIM card from Cubacel (ETECSA’s mobile phone arm) that will allow you to use your mobile phone in Cuba.  Cubatel’s SIM cards come with pre-paid minutes in amounts of 10, 20, or 40 Cuban convertible pesos (CUC$) (US$10, $20, or $40), plus a daily rental fee for the SIM card of CUC$3 (US$3).  The per-minute call charges and texting fees for renting a mobile phone (as listed below) also apply to renting a SIM card.  Contact your wireless provider to check whether your mobile phone operates on the compatible standard and request that your carrier unlocks your mobile phone.





    Passports’ & Visas

    Visitors from the UK & Ireland – A passport with a Cuban tourist card is required for entry into Cuba, by UK & Irish citizens. The tourist card is obtained by sending copies of travel documents and a fee of £15 to the Cuban Embassy in London. The turnaround is very quick–usually, the tourist card is sent back to you within 1 or 2 days. You can also get tourist cards issued by visiting the Embassy in person. These visas are good for 30 days

    Visitors from Canada – A current passport is required and your Cuban visa will be issued on the airplane, this visa cost is included in your air ticket. The visa is good for 30 days but as a Canadian, it is possible to extend to 90 days.

    Visitors from the USA –  A current passport is required. If travelling in an official OFAC group you will be put in contact with a qualified travel agent within the USA. This agent will both issue air tickets and visas.

    Flight Options

    This trip is timed to fit with the most popular flights to Cuba – on Virgin Airlines, KLM out of Europe.  Air Canada, Air Transat and Cubana Airlines all fly directly into Havana from Toronto and Montreal.

    American groups with OFAC licenses are now able to fly directly from Miami but the prices seem very high at the time of publishing and it may prove cheaper to come via a third country, such as Mexico or Canada.

    Flying to Varadero is an option, but you will need to get to Havana, this is around $80 for a taxi. This option is popular with riders going on for a beach holiday after or before a tour.