Either bring Canadian money, Euros or Sterling. Make sure you have NEW bills. From past years experience, cuban banks won’t take it if it’s ripped, torn, defaced , written on, or has any type of ink stamp on it. The bills can be folded but that’s about it !!!!
Medical Insurance.(see note below)
Bug repellant.
Sun block. (you can buy in Cuba but it generaly cheaper at home)
Imodium and Florastor Probiotics are good for upset tummies.
Camera. Do not forget the charger
Energy bars, gels and electrolyte powder for your ride water, are all a great idea. These are not available in Cuba and if we happen upon a closed or out of food cafe (it happens), you will be glad to have these along.
Money & Passport. Make sure passport will not expire while here in Cuba. Bring a photo copy of passport just in case you loose said document
A small backpack and walking shoes.

Most of you have a flashlight on your cell phones but if not bring a small light