To travel to Cuba you require medical insurance. You can buy this from the various banks and credit unions. If you are young  ie 20’s 30’s the price is very modest $20-30 for two weeks. However as you pass retirement age the cost rises significantly and one can be looking for as much as $200 or more in late 60’s earl;y 70s. for two weeks coverage.  Cuba recently introduced compulsory medical insurance for those who arrive in Cuba without coverage, this is not regularly checked but be warned they could ask.  The It is quite cheap but coverage is limited ($10,000). This is sold within the airport and close to our office in Havana.

Probably the best medical coverage available in Canada is President’s Choice which actually has coverage specially for Cuba! It undercuts the banks rates and is in fact underwritten by one of the better insurers The Co-operators. For older travellers they offer no medical question coverage but may require you to respond if you are over 75 or are staying more than two weeks. If you are in good health I suggest you insist on doing the questionnaire as it will likely reduce the premium. One of our visitors age 73 was quoted $175 for two weeks without the questions  but discovered when he did the questionnaire the premium fell to $90.
You should be aware that Canadian insurers generally reimburse so if you did run into hospitalization etc you should  have access to credit cards etc to pay the bill up front. One advantage of the Cuban provided insurance is that  it is accepted  everywhere in Cuba