Standing on the highest point of the hotel in Caimonera overlooking Guantanamo Bay and the US military base, I was a little self-conscious because I was pretty sure I could be seen by an American drone or an American sentry in the base watchtower.  As I took in the large, beautiful bay spread out before […]

The following story was written by Canadian journalist John Swart. His story is about the “Sportif” edition on this ride across Cuba. There is now a “Ciclo Temba” version of the ride and the stages are shorter, giving more time to absorb the Cities, towns and villages. You may ride as little or as much […]

The “debatable lands” between England and Scotland were for centuries plagued by battles and cross-border skirmishes. Fortified farmhouses, sturdy towers and ruined abbeys are reminders of the region’s turbulent history, but for the past century or so this has been a peaceful patch of a United Kingdom, and the only evidence you’re crossing a border […]

I am a fully signed up MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra/preference Rapha) but worse still, I am the London cyclist’s best friend, a Licensed London Taxi driver. As I get older, I enjoy my cycling more and more. Our winters, leave me with a lethargy that is hard to shake off. With this in […]