There is ride bottled water supplied on the bus. We have to hunt for these bottles so please just use for ride time. Do not drink from roadside juice stands but rather buy the bottled stuff.

To travel to Cuba you require medical insurance. You can buy this from the various banks and credit unions. If you are young ┬áie 20’s 30’s the price is very modest $20-30 for two weeks. However as you pass retirement age the cost rises significantly and one can be looking for as much as $200 […]

How much money should I bring? This is not easy to answer. If on a tour with the club my standard reply is $50 a day and that you have a credit card as back-up. You can use the credit card at a CADECA (bank) to get cash. You will be charged in USD at […]

Either bring Canadian money, Euros or Sterling. Make sure you have NEW bills. From past years experience, cuban banks won’t take it if it’s ripped, torn, defaced , written on, or has any type of ink stamp on it. The bills can be folded but that’s about it !!!! Medical Insurance.(see note below) Bug repellant. […]

Cycling Shorts (3) Do not wear the same shorts two days in a row, the body salt in the liner will bring on saddle sores. Wash in sink every night. Cycling shoes. Cycling jerseys. Raincoat. Helmet. (Not mandatory but we like to participants to use one) Cycling gloves. Sun Glasses. Pump, bike mounted. Spare tube. […]

At least three pairs of cycling shorts. You need to have a clean pair every morning. Two or three pairs of “Coolmax.” Socks. Swim gear and beach towel. Sun hat for the beach Walking boots. If you plan on doing any walking. A light jacket might be handy for a chilly mountain night