Bikes For Cuba is a small personally run humanitarian aid project geared to provide good donated road racing and mountain bicycles for school cycling teams in Cuba.

While cycling in Cuba I frequently come in contact with local cycling teams in need of decent bicycles and equipment. In December 2009 the school team in Banes originally had only one poor quality bicycle for all 14 kids to share. I immediately donated my own racing bicycle and equipment to help the kids on the team. Upon returning to Canada I began locating donated bicycles and equipment and started sending them down to Cuba for the school cycling teams. Word of mouth spread, the media picked up the story. That was just the beginning.

By August 2016, we have completed shipments of over 345 good bicycles plus helmets, clothing and gear, all donated and transported by caring Canadians.  We now support school cycling programs in Las Tunas, Holguin, Banes, Moa and Jaguey Grande, Bayamo and Havana with more locations being added regularly.  We need more bikes and equipment so donations are always welcome. Items like tires, pedals, wheels, bikes, jerseys, helmets… almost anything… are needed.

For transport to Cuba we rely on Canadian and American  tourists to take one, two or more well-boxed bicycles with them on the airplane. We meet you at Pearson Airport and cover all costs. It’s a simple, easy process and I do need more people to help by taking a bike with them on their trip to Cuba.

If you are planning a trip to Cuba and really want to make a difference in the lives of the Cuban people, please contact us to give us a hand!

We have donated bikes and equipment ready to go at all times, year round!

Jeff Reid

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How it works

Donated bikes are packed in proper travel boxes. These are lightweight and easy to handle. The airlines take these as regular luggage. Some airlines charge $30 a bike while most offer free transport.

Upon arrival at the Cuban airport the bike boxes are simply put on a cart along with your regular luggage. Cuban customs staff  allow one bike per passenger without any difficulties. Our contacts in Cuba then meet right at the airport to pick up the bikes. The whole process is simple!

We need more equipment too, so donations are always welcome. Items like tires, pedals, wheels, bikes, jerseys, helmets… almost anything… are needed.

Quote from one volunteer tourist:

“This was my first trip to Cuba and I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I agreed to take donated bicycles along. It all worked out very well. Jeff delivered the four bikes to the airport and helped us check them in. At the Holguin airport the bikes were placed with the rest of the luggage and we wheeled them onto the resort bus without any difficulty. Cuban custom officials were all smiles and wished us a happy holiday. The team coach met us two days later at the resort, Club Amigo, and packed all four bikes into a tiny ancient Lada and off they went to Banes. Seeing the joy on their faces made the whole experience worth it! I am sure to take more bikes on my next trip.” …Kimberley Kennedy

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