Standing on the highest point of the hotel in Caimonera overlooking Guantanamo Bay and the US military base, I was a little self-conscious because I was pretty sure I could be seen by an American drone or an American sentry in the base watchtower.  As I took in the large, beautiful bay spread out before […]

Bikes For Cuba is a small personally run humanitarian aid project geared to provide good donated road racing and mountain bicycles for school cycling teams in Cuba. While cycling in Cuba I frequently come in contact with local cycling teams in need of decent bicycles and equipment. In December 2009 the school team in Banes originally had only one poor […]

The following story was written by Canadian journalist John Swart. His story is about the “Sportif” edition on this ride across Cuba. There is now a “Ciclo Temba” version of the ride and the stages are shorter, giving more time to absorb the Cities, towns and villages. You may ride as little or as much […]

The “debatable lands” between England and Scotland were for centuries plagued by battles and cross-border skirmishes. Fortified farmhouses, sturdy towers and ruined abbeys are reminders of the region’s turbulent history, but for the past century or so this has been a peaceful patch of a United Kingdom, and the only evidence you’re crossing a border […]

I am a fully signed up MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra/preference Rapha) but worse still, I am the London cyclist’s best friend, a Licensed London Taxi driver. As I get older, I enjoy my cycling more and more. Our winters, leave me with a lethargy that is hard to shake off. With this in […]

Will my U.S. mobile phone work in Cuba? Maybe.  Some U.S. carriers have or are beginning to make agreements with ETECSA (the Cuban national telecommunications company) to provide roaming services in Cuba.  Sprint and Verizon, for example, currently offer roaming services in Cuba.  If your carrier offers a roaming plan and your mobile phone is […]

Some CanBiCuba riders take their own bike to our rides in Cuba. To transport your bike on an airplane it is best to have packed in a box. Bicycle touring is becoming a popular pastime and global travel to do this touring is very common. There are a number of companies manufacturing, purpose made cases […]

Credit cards that draw on American Banks. Please note that Canadian Credit Unions often are associated with American major banks and will categorized as American. Hopefully this silly game will come to an end soon. GPS  Cuba forbids the import of GPS units, they could be confiscated at the airport.

It is common to tip for service while traveling. From bell boy to barman, they make a living by serving you well. The tour staff; driver, mechanic and ride director are all part of the tourist trade and you will be well taken care of by this team. It is not mandatory that any tourist […]

The CanBiCuba Cycling Club supports youth programs throughout Cuba. We are involved with both the national cycling federation and master racing in the Havana area. There are no bike shops as we know them in the developed world and our youth groups depend on your much needed support. It is not mandatory but we do […]