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These links are for clubs and bike-shops that have helped me with the young racer program here in Havana and Las Tunas

Oakbay Bikes Victoria Wheelers Nanaimo Bike Racing

After many of our OBB Midweek time trials, someone will raise the subject of bike fitting. Bikes set up by some local ” experts” often put the rider in a ...

Niagara Freewheelers Bicycle Touring Club

Niagara Freewheelers Bicycle Touring Club PO Box 23118. Midtown Post Office St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7P6 Email ...

road, mountain, recumbent and hand bicycles - links

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Tour Locations
  • Kitchener/Waterloo
  • Eastern Ontario
  • Grand River
  • St. Lawrence River
  • Lake Erie
  • Kawartha
  • Niagara Region
  • Ottawa River Valley


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