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Clubs and Groups

We run small and large group tours on the island. We take all the headaches out of the Cuba side of your organizing, setting you up with good, well thought out routes, the best pricing you will find, and any staffing and equipment you feel you need.

From ride doctor to bicycle mechanic to tour guide and sag-wagon, our tours are well staffed and set up to give you as an organizer the most stress free experience possible. We realize that you have gone though a lot of work back home just getting your group together and we know you'd like a nice holiday yourself. These tours can be as small as two people and as large as thirty two.

Larger groups are possible but this type of event will need extra planning and time.

If you are an event organizer wishing to run a cycling event here in Cuba that is out side the rides that are offered on our site, then please contact Peter:









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