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About Canbicuba Bicycle Club

It was more by happenstance, than by design that the CanBiCuba was formed in 2006.

A group of guys in the Niagara Freewheelers wanted to return to Cuba for a cycling holiday.

The Freewheelers has initially visited the Oriente (Eastern Cuba) in '98. Looking for something new we hooked up with a group of riders from the Ottawa Bicycle Club. Our base was the campissmo at Aguas Claras in the province of Pinar Del Rio. We were joined by an expat Canadian cyclist (Peter Penman) who was living in Las Tunas.

Riding out every day we explored a wonderful and beautiful area called the Valle Vinales On our rides we came across some young riders who had somehow managed to piece together makeshift racing bikes. These youths were very helpful, very good at riding but had a very evident problem. No equipment! There is not a bike shop as we know bike shops, in the whole of Cuba, so even if these kids had money (which they don't) there is no way to get equipment other than by that donated by riders visiting from abroad.

Sitting around and chewing the fat over some beers, Peter Penman told us of a youth cycling team in Las Tunas operating out of the ELDI high-school, they had five bikes and a waiting list of kids just itching to get a place on the team. Hey as a kid in Tunas, if you can get onto the provincial team you can get a trip to Havana and that is a bigger deal than we as Canadians can really understand.

Long story short; through the very generous donations of Canadians that little team has produceded many national champions and now has 28 competative riders. It is working, and now our second group of children in East Havana. Aged 12 to 17 are being helped  through your continued efforts.

We return to Cuba every year to both soak up some Cuban sun and ride with our Cuban friends. We have developed close relationships and for many in our group it has become "THE PLACE TO RIDE."


Our name was dreamed up by Les Humphreys from Almonte Ontario and means "Canadians Bicycling Cuba". Not that we limit the attendance to Canadians.


Peter Marshall - Bicycle Cuba

Peter Marshall (Havana)

Dr Ana Maria Maza - Bicycle Cuba

Dr. Ana Maria Maza (Havana)

Dave Livett  - Bicycle Cuba

Dave Livett (Niagara & Western Ontario)


Les Humphreys  - Bicycle Cuba

Les Humphreys (Ottawa Valley & Northern Ontario)

Donut Ride - Bicycle Cuba

If you belong to the Donut Ride phone

Roger Keiley 416 423 9363

Sandrine Leverier - Bicycle Cuba

Sandrine Leverier (Toronto Bicycle Network)

Bernard Hurteau (Quebec Province)


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